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The Afterschool of Choice

For all 4 of our children, we found Williams After School Club to be of the highest caliber. The director, staff and personnel are The Afterschool of Choicewonderfully engaging to the students, in addition to the support and education they provide. WASC also provides the ultimate in supplemental entertaining and outside education resources that greatly enhance the students' experience.

~ L & D Whitham, WASC Parents


The Afterschool of Choice

We are very happy with the Williams After School Club, everything from the teachers to the programs. When we ask our kids about The Afterschool of Choicetheir day at school, they would only tell us what they've done at WASC, not at their classroom. The Director is attentive and responsive to our every need (even though I'm not a Pats Fan).

~ Peter Lee, WASC Parent

The Afterschool of Choice

We sent my older son to the Williams After School Program from K-5 and my younger son is currently there in first grade. We have been thrilled with WASC. Terese hires wonderful, loving people with a diversity of skills and interests to lead WASC activities. I love that they have a mixture of physical activity with art and learning each day. The special activities like the Olympics and the Red Sox Opening Day celebration are always looked forward to by everyone. The End of the Year Show they do each year is so wonderful. The kids are so cute and it is wonderful to see the shy little kindergarteners turn into confident 5th grade performers over time. This year my son is enrolled in extras such as Simply CiThe Afterschool of Choicercus, Cooking with Claudia and Karate (Martial Arts). It is wonderful to have it all right there at Williams. In addition, another plus is that the kids get to know kids in other grades and it really builds community. Terese is a gem – creative, warm, funny but also totally disciplined and on top of everything – and we are so lucky to have her.

~ Dale Smith & Steven Jacobson, WASC Parents

The Afterschool of Choice

I am a thrilled WASC parent. My daughter has attended the program for the past three years and absolutely loves it. The staff engages the kids with lots of fun free time activities. These activities range from playing in the gym/playground, games, and crafts to designing and sewing clothes for the WASC fashion show or participating in the WACS Olympics. The kids also have the opportunities at a reasonable cost to take activities such as dance, cooking and simply circus. These activities provide my daughter with the experience of taking classes with trained teachers in dance, cooking, etc and reduce the envy factor for a kid in after-school versus a child with a babysitter or a parent that attends activities. My favorite annual event is the end of year show where every child that wants to participate can!  It is wonderful event that all the children and staff look forward to every year. The auditorium is always packed with members of the entire Williams community on that June night.

Other positives of the program include their attention to each child (my daughter has asthma so this is a big concern for me); flexibility and understanding that things change (pick up time can be me or my neighbor); and ongoing focus on respectful behavior within the WASC community.
The Afterschool of Choice
I could not recommend the program more highly.

~ Beth Ware, WASC Parent


The Afterschool of Choice

Over the past 8 years I have seen WASC grow into an important part of our students lives. Terese and her staff understand each The Afterschool of Choicechild's unique needs and work with all aspects of the child's life to create a safe, nurturing and educational experience. The WASC program is indeed an asset to our school.

~ Williams Elementary School Teacher

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