The following procedural policies are important to our structured daily operations for all educators, children and parents to follow.

Child Guidance:

The purpose of child guidance practices at WASC is to provide guidance and support to children, as well as develop self-discipline, maximize the child's growth and development, protect the group and the individuals within it, offer choices, provide opportunities to verbalize feelings, and encourages self-control through understanding. It is our policy never to use methods of resolving conflict by using physical abuse. Similarly, we cannot allow others to do so in the program.

We believe that through a consistent, well-articulated and respectful system of child guidance, children will understand and accept the importance of considerate individual and group behavior. We expect that as children grow, so do their responsibilities for their actions and behaviors.

With clear expectations established, educator responds to inappropriate behavior according to the situation and children involved. A child may be directed to another activity, asked to rectify the problem his/her behavior has caused, or asked not to participate in a particular activity where the inappropriate behavior exists. Where appropriate, a child may be asked to take a brief "time out" from an activity. A parent will be informed of the inappropriate behavior verbally on the first occasion. If the behavior is seen again, the parent will be informed of its occurrence in writing and a copy will be placed in our files for future reference. A child may be terminated from the program at any time if the Program Director and the Board of Directors determine that the action is in the program's best interest. The Program Director has full responsibility and discretion to handle the children's requirements in the area of child guidance and activities. No child shall be subject to abuse or neglect, cruel, unusual, severe or corporal punishment, including any type of physical hitting inflicted in any manner upon the body, or punishment for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet, or punishment relating to eating or not eating food.

Parents are expected to inform the Program Director and/or head of staff of any special circumstances, which might affect their child's behavior at the program, and any special needs, or requirements of their child with regard to programming, activities or child guidance. Parents are expected to participate with the Program Director in planning for the special needs of their child. Individual parent/educator conferences will be arranged if either the parent or an educator requests one.


Within WASC, confidential and sensitive information will only be shared with employees, officers and directors of WASC who have a "need to know" in order to most appropriately and safely care for your child. Confidential and sensitive information about faculty, other parents and/or children will not be shared with parents, as WASC strives to protect everyone's right of privacy. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to: names, addresses, phone numbers, disability information, and HIV/AIDS status or other health related information of anyone associated with WASC.

Outside of WASC, confidential and sensitive information about a child will only be shared when a parent of the child has given express written consent, except where otherwise provided for by law. Parents will be provided with a document detailing the information that is to be shared outside of WASC persons with whom the information will be shared, and the reason(s) for sharing the information.

Any parent who violates the Confidentiality Policy will not be permitted on program's premises thereafter. Refer to the policy regarding Parents Right to Immediate Access for additional information regarding disenrollment of a child when a parent is prohibited from program premises.

You may observe children at our program who are disabled or who exhibit behavior that may appear inappropriate (i.e., biting, hitting and spitting). You may be curious or concerned about the other child. Our Confidentiality Policy protects every child's privacy. Employees of WASC are strictly prohibited from discussing anything about another child with you. Of course, should you observe any inappropriate behavior of any student, we urge you to report it to an educator as soon as possible.

Educator-to-Child Ratios:

WASC maintains the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care licensing requirements of no greater ratio than one (1) educator person to thirteen (13) children.

Emergency Care/Extra Hours:

If you need to extend your child's hours at WASC, or you need your child to attend WASC on days your child is not regularly scheduled, you may be able to arrange for extra time with the Program Director. Extra hours/emergency care is subject to attendance numbers on the particular day you need. Coincidingly, added fees apply for these services and are subject to the current rates per day at time of request.

Emergency Closing & Inclement Weather Information:

WASC closes when the Newton Public Schools close. In the event of an emergency closing and/or inclement weather, parents will be notified of the closing by school closings broadcasts over local radio and television stations, likewise on the City of Newton's public website beginning in the early morning, or call 617-559-9699 for a pre-recorded message.

Should the school need to close in the middle of the day, the program educator will attempt to reach the child's parents first to arrange for pick up. Should the educator be unable to reach the parents, the persons listed on the emergency contact form will be called until pick up arrangements can be made. Educators will notify the parents or emergency contact person at the time of the call of the pick up location should the children need to be evacuated from the Williams Elementary School. Parents or emergency contact persons should report directly to the alternate location if one is indicted.

Should the program need to close for any reason, tuition will not be refunded or reduced for closures of less than ten (10) school days. If the closure extends beyond ten (10) school days, parents will have their tuition reduced as per the following schedule, each child that is scheduled on the closed days will be credited one-half (1/2) day for each day missed after the initial ten (10) day rule.

Field Trips:

WASC occasionally supplements the in-class curriculum with off-premise field trips. Parents will be required to give written permission for their child to attend each field trip. Notification of a field trip will be sent home in advance of the trip, with all pertinent trip information, including: destination; date; time; reason for trip; cost and mode of transportation. Accompanying the notification paper, educators will include a permission slip to be filled out, signed and returned to the educator prior to the date of the trip. The field trip permission slip must be filled out completely and accurately, and all trip costs must be paid in advance in order for your child to attend.

If parents wish to attend the trip with their child, they should discuss attending with the Program Director. WASC provides all required supervision for all field trips, but always invites and welcomes parents to attend.

Parents will not be permitted to transport any child, other than their own, on a WASC sponsored trip.

If your child is not scheduled to attend on the day of a field trip and you wish for your child to participate in the trip, please discuss this with the Program Director at least three (3) days prior to the date of the trip. Your child will be permitted to attend if required ratios can be maintained with his/her addition to the trip. An additional "fee", as further detailed in the fee agreement, will be charged for the day as well as the cost of the trip, and a signed permission slip will be due prior to the date of the trip.

Fire/Emergency Drills:

WASC conducts routine fire and emergency/evacuation drills through out the year. Parents, educators and children will not be made aware of drill dates or times, as this is the most effective way to assess the effectiveness of fire and emergency/evacuation plans. In order to meet Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care Regulation 7.11, WASC is required to document and conduct up to five (5) randomly configured fire drills per month.

During a fire/emergency drill or real fire/emergency situation, parents may not sign children into or out of the program. Parents must wait until the drill is complete and children have returned to the building to sign their child into the program. Parents may feel free to wait with the child's class in the designated safe-zone outside of the building until the drill is complete.

In the event of a real fire/emergency situation, the Program Director or designate will inform each classroom educator that the school will be closing. At this time any parents waiting to sign their child in will have to leave the premises with their child. All other parents or emergency contact persons will be notified by telephone of the situation. As with the sick child pick up policy, children must be picked up within forty-five (45) minutes of the telephone call.

Parents wishing to sign their child out of the program during a fire/emergency drill or real fire/emergency situation are expected to have patience with the educators as they are trying to maintain order during an often hectic and dangerous situation. If the program is in the midst of a fire/emergency drill, parents will be required to wait until the drill is completed and the educators and children are returned to the building to sign their child out of the program. If the program is having a real fire/emergency situation, parents will be asked to wait until the Program Director or designate has accounted for all educators and children, and given the educators permission to release children. Once again, it is important for parents and educators to work together, remain calm, and cooperate with the fire/emergency personnel and program administration during these important and critical situations.

Licensing Information:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, 1250 Hancock Street, Suite 120-S, Quincy, MA 02169, is our licensing authority. Terese Walkeapaa is our Program Director. Full and part-time Group Leaders also staff the program.

In accordance with the Department of Early Education and Care Regulation 606 CMR 14.00, WASC performs a Background Record Check (BRC) on all prospective and current employees and volunteers. WASC will conduct random BRCs throughout an employee's or volunteer's time at the program; conducted no less than once every two (2) years.

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect:

Under the Child Protective Services Act, and in compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care regulation 7.05(3) 5, mandated reporters are required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities. The employees of WASC are considered mandated reporters, under this law. The employees of WASC are not required to discuss their suspicions with parents prior to reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities, nor are they required to investigate the cause of any suspicious marks, behavior or condition prior to making a report. Under the Act, mandated reporters can be held criminally responsible if they fail to report suspected abuse or neglect. We at WASC take this responsibility very seriously and will make all warranted reports to the appropriate authorities. The Child Protective Services Act is designed to protect the welfare and best interest of all children.

As mandated reporters, the educators of WASC can not be held liable for reports made to Child Protective Services which are determined to be unfounded, provided the report was made in "good faith".

Causes for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect include, but are not limited to:

 All suspected incidents of abuse/neglect will be handled in the following manner:

Multiple Child Discounts:

WASC offers a multiple child discount for three or more siblings enrolled during the same school year. If you have three (3) or more children enrolled in the program you will get a 10% discount on total tuition. Discounts are applicable when tuition payments have been made in a timely manner.

Notification of Absence:

Parents are required to inform the Program by 11:00 AM if a child will not be attending the program on a scheduled day. This will enable the program to more effectively maintain appropriate ratios and help the classroom educator effectively plan for the day. Parents who fail on five (5) occasions in one school calendar year to give proper notice of an absence will result in the child being dismissed from the program.

If your child is ill, we request that you notify the Program Director not only of the absence, but also of the nature of the illness. This enables our faculty to keep track of any illnesses, which may occur at our school. This information will only be shared with educators on a "need to know" basis. If your child has a communicable disease, we ask that you share the diagnosis with the Program Director, so that the parents of the children in the school may be notified that a communicable disease is present. Once again, only the communicable disease information will be shared. WASC will take all measures necessary to protect your child's confidentiality. Parents are not required to disclose this information by law, and your continued enrollment will not be based whatsoever on your decision to share, or not, the reason for your child's absence from school.

Parents who know in advance that a child will be late, are also required to notify the program by 11:00 AM so as to maintain the appropriate number of employees to ensure ratios (1:13, educator-to-child) are met when the child arrives to school.

Parent/Educator Conferences & Communication:

The success of the afterschool program depends upon good communication and mutual support between parents and educators. Please feel free to ask questions, or express concerns at any time. You know your child best, and educators will look to you for information about your child's needs, interest, and behavior. To help educators respond sensitively and effectively to your child, it is very important that you make educators aware of any changes in family life. Educators will in turn communicate with you regularly about the program and your child's experiences at WASC.

Parent/Educator conferences can be scheduled whenever the need or desire for such one arises. Please feel free to ask the Program Director for a conference whenever you want more information about your child's participation at the program, or have things to share about what is happening at home or school.

Parent's Right to Immediate Access:

Parents of a child in our care are entitled to immediate access, without prior notice, to their child whenever they are in care at WASC as provided by law.

In cases where the child is the subject of a court order (i.e., Custody Order, Restraining Order or Protection from Abuse Order), WASC must be provided with a Certified Copy of the most recent order and all amendments thereto. The orders of the court will be strictly followed unless the custodial parent(s) requests a more liberal variation of the order in writing. In the case where both parents are afforded shared/joint custody by order of the court, both parents must sign the request for more liberal interpretation of the order.

In the absence of a court order on file with WASC, both parents shall be afforded equal access to their child as stipulated by law. WASC can not, without a court order, limit the access of one parent by request of the other parent, regardless of the reason. If a situation presents itself where one parent does not want the other parent to have access to their child, WASC suggests that the parent keep the child with them until a court order is issued, since our rights to retain your child are secondary to the other parent's right to immediate access. WASC educators will contact the local police should a conflict arise.

Visitors are asked to schedule appointments with the Program Director, and are allowed in the child care facility only at the discretion of the Program Director. An employee of WASC will accompany visitors at all times, throughout the program.

WASC will dismiss any child whose parent is prohibited from entering upon program premises. Due to the parent's right to immediate access policy, as well as state and federal regulations, WASC can not have a child at the program when the child's parent is prohibited access. WASC will not agree to any request to maintain a child's enrollment even if the parent agrees to stay out of the program. Such an agreement is a violation of the law and will not be entertained.

Public School Calendar:

WASC follows the school calendar as established, revised and ultimately approved by the Newton Public School Committee.

School Holidays:

When the Newton Public Schools are closed, or on Thanksgiving and December Vacation, WASC is closed as well.

Staff Employment By Clients:

The educators of WASC are prohibited from being employed by any client (current or former). Parents are prohibited from soliciting any staff member for the purpose of employment. Parents who employ WASC educators will have their services terminated and any deposits will be forfeited. Educators who become employed by current or former clients of WASC will have their employment with WASC terminated.

Employment refers to any relationship outside of the program's services which involves an employee of WASC to interact with current or former clients of WASC. Such relationships include, but are not limited to: baby-sitting; house-sitting; mother's helper; nanny services; and carpooling, regardless of whether or not those services are voluntary or paid.

Toys From Home:

Due to the risk of damage, sharing issues and loss, children are not permitted to bring in toys from home, unless specifically requested by the classroom educator for use as part of the curriculum. Parents are responsible for enforcing this policy with their child. Parents are encouraged to consult the classroom educator should they find their child is having difficulty with this policy.

If the parents fail repeatedly to enforce this policy with their children, the educators will call the parents and require that they come to the school and remove the toy.

All toys brought in for use as part of the curriculum will be inspected by WASC educators for safety and appropriateness, and may be prohibited at the sole discretion of WASC.

Need More Information?

A comprehensive breakdown of all WASC policies may be found within the Parent Handbook. This policy guide is distributed to the parent/legal guardian of each child attending the program upon enrollment into our afterschool program. Each parent/legal guardian is expected to read the Parent Handbook, and sign and return a waiver confirming the fact that it has been read and understood. 

If a hardcopy is lost or destroyed, extra copies may be obtained by direct solicitation to the Program Director in person or by going to our Contact page.